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the money tree is a popular plant used in feng shui planning. the coin-like leaves symbolize wealth coming into the business this is a perfect desk plant, ideal for corporate gifts. money trees planted in our signature luna pots.
hand made exclusively for Growing Gifts.
pebbles can be purchased for $2.50 from hand made tags & pebbles

lucky money tree luna pots

1 money tree luna pot
Price $24.95
trio of money tree luna pots ($20.83)
Price $62.50
bulk box of 15 money tree luna pots ($19.95)
Price $299.00


luna pot:
9cm d x 9cm h
bulk shipping:
yes available. 15 units per bulk carton
shipping notes:
bulk cartons have a $10.00 shipping surcharge interstate, individual kraft gift bags available. customized care cards available for 50 units or more POA.